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Hélène Fortier

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Public relations professional

Hélène Fortier graduated from Université Laval with a Bachelor’s degree in music education and a diploma in public relations.

Helene's first event was in 1982. Along the way, several key moments stand out as milestones: the jazz concerts produced from 1988 to 2001, the management of Jacques Bourget Productions from 1995 to 2005, and the launch of Hélène Fortier Public Relations and Perseid Productions in 2005.

"Cosmic dust, some of which has been wafting through space, is renewing a summer ritual by slamming into Earth's atmosphere, lighting up the night sky with shooting stars. During the shower's peak dozens and sometimes hundreds of meteors shoot across the sky every hour. Dark-sky observers who stay out all night sometimes count more than a thousand! The Perseid meteor shower marks one of the most rewarding skywatching events of the year."

Under the brand new banner of Perseid Productions, you will find the artistic and musical agency where rising stars from a great variety of disciplines will shine. Event management services, artistic direction, and executive production are also offered here.

"Creating links. Organizing celebrations.
Helping to make known extraordinary people.
Shaping a message. Writing it, bringing it to life.
So many roads taken.
So many experiences to share."


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